Friday, June 9, 2017

Grief Group Starts Sept 24

I will be starting a new grief recovery group on Sept 24 at 4PM at the Spring Creek Church of Christ 14847 Brown Rd, Tomball, TX 77377.  The class will meet weekly for 8 weeks.

Who should attend?  Anyone who has experienced a loss, whether recent or in the far past, that still hurts.

What will you learn?  We'll talk about how society has grief all wrong and how to grief normally and naturally.

What will you do? You will explore your own history of losses, choose one and then "complete" that loss by using a very simple formula of steps.

Will I cry and be emotional in the group?  Yes, I hope so.  This is a place for healing and emotions.  Both are encouraged.  Loss is not a problem of the head, it is a problem of the heart.  The problem is that often our hearts and heads don't match up when it comes to significant losses.

Is this a group only for those who have lost people through death?  No!  There are at least 40 different losses that cause pain, isolation and loneliness.  Loss of relationships (boyfriend/girlfriend), abandonment as a child, abuse, rape, job loss, pet loss/death, etc. are all significant.

What are the rules?
1. "What happens in class, stays in class" - privacy and a safe environment are key.
2. No comparison of losses.  Every loss is experienced at 100%  Every loss is different.
3. Do your reading and homework.  It is essential for success.
4. No judgement.  There will be no judgement by the leader or other students.

Is this a religious class?  No, it is not.  There are some principles to the class that overlap with some religions, but there will be no religious doctrine taught during the class.  Students may feel free to discuss religion and religious beliefs in the group from a personal perspective, but the course material does not contain any.

How to sign up?  Several ways.  Go to Facebook and type @griefrecoverybyLD or search Grief Recovery by Lance Decker, find the event and register.  You may email me at  You may fill out a webform on and indicate your desire.  Click this link to go directly to the Facebook registration:

What does it cost?  The class is free.  The hardback version of the book is $15 in the class.  You may purchase it other places if you wish. Look for the Grief Recovery Handbook 20th Edition by John James and Russell Friedman.

Any questions? Email me at

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